Baby Capsules

Baby CapsuleIf you are taking a trip to Western Australia and require a rental taxi to move then Taxi Wizard is one of the very best business offering taxis for hire. It has a big fleet of taxis catering diverse requirements and demands of our Western Australian as well as overseas clients.
We likewise provide selected baby capsule taxi in Perth permitting parents to carry their younger kids conveniently while traveling the city.

It is one of the best cab service providers for families taking a trip with children and children. Our cabs are well geared up with child restraint seats for newborns to kids as much as 7 years old. We provide different kid restraint seats including rear-facing infant seats, to infant safety seat and car seat.

Taxiwizard has access to plenty of drivers with reversible baby capsules and child restraints seats, fully complying with Australian Standards.

We do need some lead time to assist. All such bookings are subject to a $45 minimum Charge to cover the relocation costs. Should the family need additional restraints, most cars will have a booster seat for the 3Y/O+ child. However additional restraints requiring the driver to borrow another driver’s capsule (and return it !) attract a $15 fee. Alternatively, the family may be taking their own restraints for onward travel. All Taxiwizard cars have complying anchor points for your own equipment.

Returns FROM the International are at the standard minimum for a meet and greet of $85.

Providing safe, trustworthy and worry-free infant taxi in Perth is our main slogan. This more allows us to provide a high quality and rewarding service to all our clients. The majority of the taxis with baby capsules are fitted with 5 point harnessed car seat restraints that are both rear and forward facing child seats and pills. We guarantee to provide you with car seats for kids that are in compliance with the Australian Standards.

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