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When you’re an integral part of a group of 13, 24, 33 or 45 laughing, happy, teenage adults bordering on sixty years or even younger for that matter, and wanting to charter a bus, there is no age discrimination with Taxi Wizard. When your option for transport is a bus rather than multiple taxis the Wizard will do everything in his power to provide what you require.

And there is always good advice from Kris who runs this group option and she will let you know if your group needs a larger bus or in fact multiple taxi options which she can usually provide at a similar cost. In any case, with a mix of transport, everyone is collected then dropped off at an agreed point for the succeeding bus ride.

The Wizard bus services provides patronised tours on modern, reliable vehicles always with the quality, care and integrity expected from their clients. In fact, you’ll probably find yourselves returning over again for your next bus charters due to the fact that you’ll never be left waiting around for your mode of transport nor will you be left wondering if it’s ever going to show up. Your booking is solid and is a reflection of your own peace of mind. You’ll be able to relax knowing you’re in the safest of hands on the safest colony of wheels and you’ll rest assured everything will be executed smoothly and professionally.

With fast response times, which is what everyone wants, your booking is handled with utmost care and responsibility. You can speak with the Wizard for that particular mode of transport directly or you can arrange your booking online. You’ll be constantly updated with your arrangements which is pleasing to know all is confirmed.

Whether your experience is a one time special or a multi-special, for all those times you’ve booked your journey, you’ll always know it will be memorable and enjoyable. It’s a hassle-free trip. You all arrive at your destination safely and on time and you’ll feel relaxed and rested. But it’s also a nice confirmation when you realise that finding a good bus driver is as important as finding a good musician, particularly if the crew wants to become a choir for the trip. At Taxi Wizard the drivers are experienced and will never let you down.

Charters are for a range of tours and with air conditioned comfort, there is flexibility to suit all your needs. And if you require a mini bus to compliment your trip, there are twelve of them all with a network of experienced drivers. Your charter will be of the most enjoyable calibre with its personalised service throughout Perth where pick-ups and transfers incorporate work, relaxation, scenery, regional trips and loads of fun.

When the bus driver alights from the bus, who shuts the door?

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