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The Taxiwizard provides services for groups of greater than the standard metered taxi vans of 7 or 10 Persons travelling. The options available are 13 seats 24 seats , 33 seats and 45 seats. Frequently sizable groups are best managed with a mix of Bus and Taxi options. Often it is multiple taxis, collecting clients to a central point for the ongoing bus ride. But let us advise you on that.

Chris is the Taxiwizard “Go-to Person” for all large group options. Should her larger busses be not available /suitable for your group, the multiple taxi option can generally provide a similar cost/convenience solution.

Chris has been a long time operator in this field and conducts some very well received and patronised tours of the regional areas, and can be contacted directly for any guided bus tour that you desire.

You can visit her website here

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