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This is a nice thing that the driver says. Almost everything they say is nice.


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He is old enough to know better, but young enough at heart to enjoy the challenge of a new way of doing things.

He has three relatively independent sons, and enjoys the company of his three grandchildren most weekends. His long suffering wife Anne finds his Wizard eccentricities to be a trifle embarrassing. But he pursues the art of making taxis “Appear” nevertheless . He is passionate about service delivery and inordinately proud of the service levels that his Taxiwizard “Henchmen” deliver , daily.

Charles has an interesting business background , some of which have ended in tears, but always for reasons other than his poor judgement and eccentricities. Ask him.

His clients have grown steadily over the years and are grateful that he puts the effort in to ensure that their transport needs are always met.

Charles loves to travel, but needs to work hard to support this habit. He loves to share travel tales with clients to get the benefit of travelling without the cost.

He always carries a reversible capsule in his car , and as a result greatly enjoys client’s family transition over the years, from their children’s infancy.

Charles has been operating his maxi taxi for some 15 years from the his home in Woodlands which he counts himself as very fortunate to be living. Many of his personal clients share his neighbourhood.

He is very opinionated and clients are advised to zone out when he gets riled about things like the travesty of justice and fair play, that is Uber, or the inadequacy of the SWAN Taxis operation, or the woeful inefficiency of the Airports Dropoff/Pickup lanes. Do not even think about discussing Football, as most jobs are too short to do justice to any one of these topics, let alone several

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