Maxi Taxis

Maxi 7 People

Taxiwizard has access to many , many maxi taxis, however they DO NEED SOME WARNING to relocate to your pickup point . Prudent folk book well in advance and always get their needs met on time.

However, even if you have an IMMEDIATE need, Taxiwizard will give you an ETA, within 5 mins of booking AND a call on approach. We understand that these small groups sometimes take time to organise and drivers give some flexibility, but wait times in excess of 5 minutes will be charged for at the standard rate.

Similarly , many maxi bookings require a wait between pickup points (or stopovers at wineries etc), such time is charged at the low standard rate of $75/hour.

Wheelchair Access

Taxiwizard has many very considerate drivers, Night and Day, with wheelchair enabled maxi taxis. We try to “pair” clients with LOCAL driver’s , who become the clients “case manager” for ongoing regular repeat work. That case manager will be the clients initial point of contact and will ensure that another driver backs up promptly, should he be otherwise committed at the preferred time. Clients always get a re assuring Call-on-Approach

Gurpreet oversees this entire process and your first contact should be to him , so that he can assess the clients overall needs and allocate the most suitable “Case Manager”. Gurpreet will be involved if Backup is required. Contact Gurpreet Here

All Taxiwizard drivers can advise on the best means of securing your wheelchair taxi on time every time (or close enough).