Taxi Maxis

Maximum Taxi Experience in Perth WA

Catching a cab has almost become a luxury. Almost.

The multi-passenger requirements are met by Taxi Wizard with a taxi maxi that offers a contrasting seating arrangement to suit your traveling requirements. Optimal wheelchair transfer is an operation that is proudly offered by the Wizards who regard your time as they regard their own. Valuable. Therefore, they’re on time, every time.

maxi taxi perthAnd they’ve done that on purpose. They know there are 65 thousand taxi drivers furnishing the Australian taxi industry and the industry is ripe for reform. Whilst high fares are dominant, passenger numbers have been in decline in response due to dissatisfaction, thus the quality of the journey has failed dismally. Particularly with drivers who have become dejected due to their collapsing wages. With that image and knowledge in mind, the Wizards have done something about it in their own region. They reintroduced quality, integrity, and reliability and they’ve maintained it.

With ample space for all passengers, their luggage, and their carry-on baggage, the taxi maxi provides seating for up to 10 passengers. You can telephone your order or opt to fill out an online booking form to book your taxi. All your requirements are set out and heeded. Your needs are met and your journey will be a comfortable and safe one.

When you’re coming from a sporting event, a concert, festival or a show and you’re with a large group of people who just want to get moving, it can be frustrating if you’ve must wait for hours for a taxi maxi to arrive. Why not have Taxi Wizards, your own private taxi service on speed dial? You get to speak directly to the people in charge and you’ll have your taxi maxi at your beck and call within no time. You might be heading out to a business party, the airport, a social function; whatever it is, Taxi Wizards make the taxi maxi appear providing you with a service that is truly value for your money.

A taxi maxi with its capacity to take up to 10 people plus two wheelchairs is the ultimate in a speedy delivery both night and day. Your taxi Maxi also offers wheelchair lifts, baby capsules and roof racks for your bike or surfboard. Gurpreet, is your overseer and your driver is able to advise you on the best way to secure your wheelchair taxi on time. No one gets lost, children and adults all arrive together and if baby capsules or booster seats for the children are required, simply pre-book when you book your ride.

Transferring a group of people to a wedding, a sporting event, even a corporate event where the boss gets to ride along in the seat beside you, is the recipe for a stress-free journey. It’s an enjoyable ride when you can rest assured everyone is safe whilst being driven by one of the most capable drivers ever to hit the planet running. And it’s mind-calming knowing that when you tap him on the shoulder, he’s not going to suffer from double whiplash when he turns to look at you as he calmly explains he used to drive a hearse.