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These are our ASAP Rates

Pickup within 15 minutes and delivered directly, with a text confirmation: standard Taxi rates apply. eg. Perth to Joondalup =$70, Fremantle to City =$45, Central to Perth to West Perth, subject to a $25 minimum fee.

Taxiwizard is very proud of its prompt reliable service which it maintains with a thoroughly diligent supervision that all commitments are met, as promised. We are able to achieve this reliability level at a cost effective level for clients by utilising taxi downtime effectively and charging three different rates to reflect the urgency.

The ASAP rate; this is for all urgent parcels and parcels that are so large as to prevent the taxi from being used for other purposes, while the parcel is being transported in the same general direction. Then the rate shall be the same as the taxi rate . This would be medical samples, forgotten keys/wallets/passports or any urgent parcel/documents. The vehicle goes direct to the pickup point and from there direct to the dropoff with a reassuring text upon completion. A run from Perth to Joondalup on this basis would be $70.

Better and more reliable and generally MUCH QUICKER THAN YOUR CURRENT COURIER..

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