Station Wagons

terryEquipped to take four passengers and their luggage, there’s no substitute for a station wagon and Taxi Wizard offers the station wagon taxi, an often overlooked specific which is the perfect vehicle for the luggage you need to take when you are off on a long holiday.

When a standard cab cannot accommodate the fold-up wheelchair, the bike, the teddy bear, the wave board and the golf clubs, a station wagon is provided by request for all those extra pieces that will fit well into the rear luggage space.

You’ll travel in safety and comfort from your point of pick up to your destination, all the while being entertained by your driver, Terry who cares. He’s the experienced one who’ll share long and short tales about child rearing, lawn bowls and how driving an immaculate station wagon taxi throughout Perth for the past thirteen years has brought nothing but … we’ll let him tell you about those times…

Going to and from the airport can be an expensive experience if you’re not prepared. When there is no possible way your luggage is going to fit and you’re forced to hire two standard taxis the expense can be overwhelming. What a way to end the perfect holiday. If you’ve got a surfboard, a wave board, skis or ski boards, together with the golf clubs you insisted on bringing, you can rest assured it will all fit into the legendary station wagon which has been designed for moving people with loads of baggage.

Nonetheless, Taxi Wizard offers station wagons as a service not too short of prestige and when the drivers from this first class exclusive taxi company care about their work, it is reflected in their attitudes. With the utmost standards of etiquette, reliability and service you’re travelling with fully trained, highly courteous, experienced and agile drivers. This is a job in which they excel and they will exceed your expectations with their expeditious service. In brief, they ensure your trip will be one of the pleasing and most comfortable you’ve had in a while.

Check your fare on the taxi fare calculator for Perth before heading out but consider also that this is an estimate only. It will give you a fair idea as to what to expect and also bear in mind there will always be certain unavoidable conditions like freeway congestion to consider. Don’t forget that there are airport charges that may apply depending on your route and if the traffic is really bad, the fare may well be higher than the estimate. These are just some of the things we like to remind you to consider. Whatever you experience outside of your control, rest assured your journey will be an unforgettable one whilst you’re treated like an old friend.

All passengers have to do is call the main office on 0433 901 141 or you can order your vehicle by simply adding relevant information in a timely manner online.

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